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GCT Deltaport, Delta, British Columbia

GCT Deltaport is Canada’s flagship container terminal. Located at Roberts Bank, it is a 210-acre (85-hectare) facility with three contiguous berths totaling 3,609 feet (1,100 meters). The terminal is designed to handle the largest transpacific container vessels in service and features dual-hoist gantry cranes—the first in the Americas—in its fleet of ten high-speed, super post-Panamax cranes. The facility employs state-of-the-art computer systems and has an on-dock intermodal rail yard with eight tracks totaling 28,000 feet (8,534 meters). GCT Deltaport is in compliance with Canadian Maritime Security Standards. The GCT Deltaport Intermodal Yard Reconfiguration Project will increase rail capacity by over 50%+. Click here to see the project video.